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Magnetic Sign Care
Magnetic Sign Care Instructions

     Make sure that both the surface where the magnet is to be applied and the brown side of the magnetic sheet are free of moisture, dirt, dust, and foreign particles.  Avoid use on non-metallic body fillers which contain uncured paint.  In car and truck sign applications, it is recommended that the vehicle be well waxed and some applications may require he use of simple baby powder on the plain brown magnetic side of the sheet for best results.

     Before applying the magnetic sheet, make sure it has been allowed to warm to room temperature.  The temperature of the metallic surface is not a factor.  To apply, allow one edge of the magnetic sheeting to contact the metallic surface at the desired point.  The remaining portion of the sheet should then be allowed to "magnetically" adhere itself to the metallic surface.  To reposition the magnet, do not attempt to pull it into place as this may cause stretching.  Simply remove the entire magnetic sheet and again begin the procedure.  It is important to make sure the magnetic sheet is applied in a smooth, lay-flat fashion.  Avoid sharp contours and do not attempt to position the magnetic sheet over vehicle moldings or chrome strips.  The entire magnetic sheet must be well adhered to the metallic surface to avoid any air pockets.

     It is common for moisture to collect between the magnetic sheet and the metallic surface.  It is most important that the magnetic sheet be removed at least once a week and both the metallic surface and the magnetic sheet be wiped free of this moisture.  Extra caution should be exercised with new vehicle finishes.  Failure to do so may result in damage to the metallic surface or the loss of the magnetic sheet at highway speeds.  For cleaning, use a soft cloth, warm water and mild detergent.

     To protect the magnetic sheet from damage while not in use, loosely foll the sheet up to no smaller than a three inch diameter roll with the magnetic side to the inside and the vinyl or printed surface to the outside.  This ultimately will be of help when the time coms to reattach the magnetic sheet.  It is always best to store the magnetic sheet flat.  Do not set any objects on top of the sheet that might damage the surface.  Avoid wrinkling of the sheet and flattening or crushing the roll.  Do not store the material in an area of direct sunlight or high temperature.
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