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Low Quantity Items
While we are able to provide you with items for your event in higher quantities, not everyone needs 144 mugs, 24 T-shirts, or 250 key tags.

With our in-shop abilities, we can offer a line of goods that can be purchased in quantities of as few as one piece.  Yes, the price is higher than buying in quantity, but you don't have 240 key tags sitting on a shelf collecting dust when you only needed 10.

The images shown below are examples of low quantity orders.

1.  Mr. Doebler is a seed supplier.  He wanted to give a full color mug to his clients when delivering their seed order.  He only needed 36 at a time.  The cost would have been cost prohibitive using a larger supplier. We were able to produce his mugs using full color sublimation.

2.  A local company wanted something special to give to one of their long time sales reps on his 80th birthday.  We produced a birthday mug (shown), a T-shirt, a photo frame, and a desk accessory.

3.  At the last minute, a Subway location decided to participate in a one day softball tournament.  A local fire department, sharing in the sponsorship, wanted their union logo on the back; Subway wanted their two color logo on the front.  To produce 12 shirts through an internet service would have cost them over $300.00.   We were able to give them exactly what they wanted (even threw in the players' names) for $15.00 per shirt.

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